My journey of 10,000 steps will start with the very first step

My God taught me politics and religion do not mix, pay to Ceasar what you owe Caesar and to God what you owe God, Governments are here to uphold the Law and we must obey and if they screw over us, resist by putting it in your votes, we stand proud and will never cave in to threats, “Resistance is frutile with violence and the very nature of our God is Love, not violence. Our God is our great Avenger for whatever abuse you suffered.” So I am not suppose to touch religion until Jesus Christ comes back then we will have a One World religion because nobody can deny His power His glory and His Eternal Kingdom. And also I will have nothing to do with politics except my own country which I am a citizen. My Agenda is simply “Peace and Prosperity” for all nations. Contributed by Oogle.

Very simple logic, I am here to solve all your problems, raise funds and help you solve all your government problems, if you are happy with my solutions, you can donate any sums to my Non Profit, if not, as long as I can cover my trip expenses I am happy, if you need me to solve complex problems which may take up to a month, pay me for my time, I can create technologies out of the world and help you create millions of jobs, if you want please help me raise funds to UN China for UN to be self sufficient, my message is simply “peace and prosperity” and I am willing to share with everyone except the US which must accept my conditions.

Trump you are the greatest clown, just get rid of nuclear and all of US debts will be written off, where can you find such a deal? Your elections 2020 will be guaranteed when I create hundreds of thousands of jobs for all Americans. You just sit back and enjoy your fame, I am not interested in meddling with your elections, just a simple Truth and you cannot do it. The greatest crisis that will spur global growth is bring North Korea to the Global economy, that you also cannot do, then leave everything to me, I will take step-by-step to solve the entire world’s problems, beginning with the Rohingya crisis and ending with the Middle East problems of complex politics which can be easily solved with money, so there is totally no fear of anything, and at the end of everything Isreal will be liberated, I do not have Spiritual eyes for nothing, my Lord is coming back and I need to complete my mission.

“Behold, I stand at the door and knock. If anyone hears My voice and opens the door, I will come in and dine with him, and he with Me.”

Revelations 3:20

  1. Now I know why the inventor of bitcoin also disappear.

  2. Talk to the Leader of North Korea if you want to find me, Trump, I cannot be reached at all. Then your dreams of Fool’s Gold will also evaporate in air.

  3. My journey of 10,000 steps will start with the very first step after lockdown, and nobody can stop me.

  4. I will travel incognito, with IDs and passport from countries you can never imagine.

  5. I will use no mobiles and PCs, if I use one it cannot be traced or tracked.

  6. Even my fingerprint and my Facial features will be hidden. Which country has implement DNA scanning? No not one.

  7. It is no use tracking all my websites, it will not be updated.

  8. No internet no GPS, no tracking devices, come and catch me.

  9. No use tracking my payments, new IDs, new Bank cards, there are more than a a couple of billion people in the world, go find the needle in the haystack.

  10. Even if you use Global WiFi services I am not there.

  11. The CIA, NSA, and all other intelligence are based on old technology, only China has AI to identify me from billions of people.

  12. Trump want to challenge me? Let me first take your underwear.

  13. Now the entire world knows about the limitations of US intelligence agency, sorry guys I reveal all your secrets after you attacked me.

  14. Drones? Did I hear drones? You will find out soon how I bypass all your technologies.

  15. A 5G network for North Korea? I will be the facilitator and guarantor for repayment for this to be implemented in the capital of North Korea, to bring it to global standards of technology innovations, and Huawei I will chose to be the vendor, nothing can stop me to implement God’s plans for rapid growth for everyone. Once this happens, everyone in the world wants to jump on the opportunity, the opening up of North Korea will see unseen growth in the global economy. 

  16. The future of North Korea? It is like Singapore in the 50’s. Later whatever Singapore has North Korea will have also, a Stock Exchange, a Cruise centre, a Casino, a CBD area, an Entertainment area which will centre on the capital of North Korea and slowly to other districts and township.

  17. Next chapter, unseen economic growth for Myanmar after the Myanmar 2020 elections.

  18. Future plans after 2021. Phillipines – Manila. India – New Delhi. Africa – Nigeria. Russia. Bangladesh. Argentina. Greece. Mexico. Last leg Middle East. Iran. Iraq. Turkey. Syria. (Extremely complicated muslim countries for peace and prosperity.)

  19. No matter how dangerous is my trip, you can put a bullet into my head or chop it off, I have no fear, because I have the mandate of God, and it will be done.